1 February 2011

Article: Karin Sellberg and Michael O'Rourke, "John Cameron Mitchell's Relationscapes"

Live as of the last day of January, Sellberg and O'Rourke's post "John Cameron Mitchell's Relationscapes" offers the first of several comment-and-reply style pieces devoted to the films of this popularly embraced champion of queer cinema on the online platform In Media Res this week.

The matter of choice for this particular encounter is the changeable landcapes of human relations upon which his 2006 film Shortbus charts its course. These innumerable heterogeneous connections shape not merely the faces of selves and others, but also the spaces occupied; it encompasses people, envelopes rooms, enfolds structures and expands endlessly in vast networks of urbanity.
"We argue that Shortbus invents with what Erin Manning calls 'relationscapes', a complex of embodied and embodying 'biograms', propulsively becoming bodies. The heterotopic hive – 'the motherboard'– is characterised by the eponymous salon where people of all races, ages, genders and sexes come to talk, fuck, watch and convene to generate new 'ecologies of experience'."
Further posts for this curated theme week include Kristopher Cannon's "Hedwig leaves her stain on the Shortbus", Cynthia Barounis's "Queerness Meets Disability in Shortbus" and Robert Summers's "Reading Hedwig and the Angry Inch Otherwise: A Reparative Reading on the Art of Enacting Middle". They can all be found on In Media Res.

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