3 January 2011

Article: Snowden Wright, "Young, Male, Straight -- and Anorexic"

If anything, Snowden Wright's autobiographical account of anorexia during his puberty (written in the now classic genre of internet-as-confessional) realises the relentless quality of bodily change and the militant expectation of its incidence.

If we could be said to assume a tendency towards corporeal movement, this story of bodily regulation as 'fun house grotesquerie' - whether successful or not - begs questions concerning the limits of corporeal control, its reception and its patrol.

"The doctor administered a battery of tests that revealed my body was frozen at the cusp of puberty, my voice refusing to deepen into adulthood, my muscles failing to develop into those of a man. Adolescence had become a kind of incarceration -- when all I wanted was to escape. But I learned to understand my anorexia as an immature and almost fatal type of rebellion."

Read his article, published on 27 December 2010, online at

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