18 October 2011

Conference: Being In-Human: The Critical Theory and Law of Human Rights, London, 17-20 November 2011

Anyone fortunate enough to be within the greater London area mid-next month may be interested in attending the conference "Being In-Human: The Critical Theory and Law of Human Rights" hosted by Birkbeck Law School. The three-day conference (17 -19 November) is £70 / £35 for students and sports an incredibly exciting lineup of speakers including

"Slavoj Žižek, Chantal Mouffe, Samuel Moyn, John Milbank, Upendra Baxi, Pheng Cheah, Walter Mignolo, Costas Douzinas, Conor Gearty, Bruce Robbins, Paul Patton, Paul Gilroy amongst others"

A provisional programme is available as a pdf from here. To close the event, Birkbeck is also organising a public lecture on 20 November given by Slavoj Žižek and Costas Douzinas, the details of which are accessible through the conference webpage or on facebook.


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Ky the Spy said...

It's my distinct pleasure. I only wish I could keep up with everything that's coming out in some systematic way. Nonetheless, the BiM organisers hope that you find this blog a useful tool for research.