12 January 2012

Conference: NeuroCultures – NeuroGenderings II, Vienna, 13-15 September 2012

The Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna together with the NeuroCultures Network are providinng a veritable feast of interdisciplinary scholarship in the fusion of the brain and critical gender theory.

Currently calling for abstracts for 20 minute panel or poster presentations, the three-day "NeuroCultures - NeuroGenderings II" conference held at the University of Vienna divides itself into seven loose thematic strands, from empirical research and methodological queries to the tantalising fields of neurogovermentality and epistemological discussions on feminist materialism(s) and queer technoscience.
"With the expansion of the domains of neuroscientific knowledge, today we are witnessing an abundance of emerging neurocultures (such as neuropedagogy, neuroeconomics, neuromarketing, neurotheology, neuroaesthetics, among others) in which bio-socio-cultural relations are (re-) negotiated within research, neuro-(technological)applications, and public discourses. ... The cerebral subject is a specific kind of subject; the brain vocabulary produces a culturally and historically specific version of the human and, as such, impacts individual, social, cultural and political spheres."
The deadline for submission of proposals is set at 25 March 2012. For more information on the conference aims and further detail on the thematic strands of the conference, visit the conference website.

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