14 June 2012

Exhibition: "Invisible: Art about the Unseen, 1957-2012", 12 June - 5 August, London

The Haward Gallery at the Southbank Centre in London has now launched its new exhibition, Invisible: Art about the Unseen, 1957-2012. Collecting together samples of art exploring ideas related to the invisible and the hidden, from productions by well-known twentieth-century artists to contemporary works.

The contributions of these 26 artists, including Yves Klein (pictured here in his The Void Room), Teresa Margolles and Yoko Ono as a few of the more recognisable names, prod at the limits of visibility, presence, the public and perception, among other themes.

Tonight at the Hayward, artistic contributor to the exhibition Jeppe Hein talks about invisibility and smell in relation to his installation; and on 20 June, contributor Tehching Hsieh, performer of incredible durational pieces, discusses his work. Special exhibition tours are also being conducted on 28 June, 29 June and 12 July. Entry fee is set at a reasonable £8 for adults, with discounts for students, youths and seniors. See here for further details.
"Invisible ultimately reveals that there is no limit to the possible meanings of invisibility in art. Works that share a similar blankness can convey remarkably varied content. An empty room or unoccupied plinth may function as a sign of mystical sensibility, a haunting past, or a cursed presence. ... And almost inevitably most of these works highlight the fact that our interpretation and experience of art is often contingent on information that exists apart from an object itself."

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