21 July 2012

Colloquium: Extending Gesture, Edinburgh, 26-28 October 2012

After a busy early July and sadly prolonged absence, Ky is back again to flag a fascinating colloquium to take place in Edinburgh on 26-28 October of this year. Extending Gesture, organised by Tami Gadir and Fiona Hanley, who some of you may recognise from the BiM Conference two years ago, addresses the much overlooked and undervalued notion of the gestural in its many expressions, contexts and phenomenologies.

The organisers are currently calling for proposals of any length, form and discipline on the embodied nature of gesture. Arranged with a view towards academic intimacy and discussion, attendance will be limited to twelve, including keynote guests Dr Nancy Ann Roth (senior lecturer at University College Falmouth and key translator of the writings of Vilém Flusser into English) and Rolf Inge Godøy (professor in Musicology Studies at the University of Olso). Each presenter wil be given a full hour to present and discuss their work in whatever manner and distribution of time they deem is appropriate to the content.

Enquiries and proposals should be submitted to the organisers at edinburghextending@gmail.com by 10 August; further information and a contact form can also be found at their website.
"...What provokes the pulsating body to dance? Or the scribbling hand to scratch? What are the urges and itches that manifest the various gestures of our being? What is the character of their inception and how do we conceptualise them? What too, is this strangeness that shadows our gestures? What is its unique character in relation to each particular gesture? How can we capture and de–scribe such strange movements? What can the pauses in–between the gesture tell us about its nature? What role does anticipation play in gesture?"

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