29 September 2012

Conference: Death, Dying and Disposal, 5-8 September 2013, Milton Keynes

The 11th biennial interdisciplinary conference Death, Dying and Disposal is set to take place under the auspices of the Faculty of Health & Social Care at the Open University in Milton Keynes from 5-8 September of next year. Revolving around the theme of "Theory Meets Practice", the organisers seek not only to address the cross-currents of theoretical and practical engagements of the field of death and dying studies, but to spotlight the underappreciated influence of practice in shaping, informing and transforming the theoretical field.
The call for abstracts invites presenters from across a range of disciplines and interests including professional groups involved in the area, academics and researchers. There are two deadlines for abstract submission set at 3 December 2012 and 4 March 2013.
"The underpinning rationale of the conference theme is to encourage a more overt engagement between theory and practice which moves beyond the notion that theoretical ideas are relevant to practice to highlight the iterative nature of death and dying studies. Indeed it is only through practice in all its forms, that theories can be developed, challenged and their usefulness evaluated."

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