21 October 2012

Lecture: Anna Gibbs, "Gestural Dispositions: On the Intermedial Migrations of Writing", Edinburgh, 26 October 2012; & Exhibition: "Art & Music - Search for New Synesthesia, Tokyo, 27 October 2012 - 3 February 2013

Those based in Edinburgh have the opportunity to attend a public lecture by Anna Gibbs, "Gestural Dispostion: On the Intermedial Migrations of Writing" next Friday (26 October), at the University of Edinburgh. Exploring the interstices of writing and gesture, Gibbs' presentation promises an incisive exploration of experimentation and corporeal imbrication in the practices of reading and writing.
The event is free and officially opens the Extending Gesture Colloquium (which Ky blogged here), a fascinating and intimate weekend event addressing concepts of the gestural in a number of different artistic and cultural fields. Registration to the public lecture is not necessary. More information on the event and the colloquium can be found at their website.
"Printed text suppresses the relation between writing and gesture, but what happens when text becomes a moving architecture into which we can enter, and when - becoming animated - it begins to exhibit strange behaviours?"

Otomo Yoshihide + Yasutomo Aoyama, "without records," 2012. Exhibition view from "x sound : On and After John Cage and Nam June Paik", Nam June Paik Art Center, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

For any readers of the BiM blog currently based in Tokyo (or planning to travel there within the next five months), The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo is soon to be opening the third exhibition in their "Tokyo Art Meeting" series. Art & Music - Search for New Synesthesia (27 October 2012 - 3 February 2013) introduces internationally-established musician Ryuichi Sakamoto as general advisor to a project which sees to explore, sample and inhabit the complex relations between "music", form, texture and the visual. It features work by sonic artists such as John Cage, Tōru Takemitsu, Ryoji Ikeda, Otomo Yoshihide and  Florian Hecker.
The exhibition kicks off with a concert by Carsten Nicolai and is run in conjunction with the "Tokyo Sonic Art Award" open competition for young sonic artists.
"According to Sakamoto, our humanocentric modern society has developed a system of control over the social environment, information and nature. This microcosmic inclination is gradually being destroyed through globalization and the energy crisis. Against this sociopolitical background, Sakamoto uses sound and the visual to reconsider our relationship with nature in a broad sense, attempting to recall a macrocosmic way of thinking."

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