1 December 2012

Exhibition: "BUSY. Exhausted Self / Unlimited Ability", 20 September 2012 - 13 January 2013, Vienna

Cosima von Bonin, "The Bonin / Oswald Empire's Nothing #04" (2010)

21er Haus at the ├ľsterreichische Galerie Belvedere houses "BUSY. Exhuasted Self / Unlimited Ability", an exhibition which critically responds to the changes in human relations to labour economies, replacing the "role conflicts and schizophrenia" symptomatic of hierarchical, industrial society with "stress, depression, and burn out" which characterises information capital.
Curator Bettina Steinbr├╝gge adapts the idea of Cosima Rainer in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna to provide this comment on work, precarity, artistic process and the valuation of time. The pieces selected for this show springboard from the always "busy", work-time and life amalgamation in contemporary culture and the resulting disappearance of time itself. As contributing artist Manfred Erjautz comments in a slick podcast of interviews of those involved, "We've got enough time anyway - we only handle it the wrong way".
"Art was once the utopian counter model to achievement-oriented and other-directed gainful employment, a realm of freedom opposing the realm of necessities. Today, it has developed before our eyes to a model for a mobile and autonomous “Ich-AG,” or “Me-inc.,“ to the ideal of project-related work."

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