4 April 2013

Website: Sensory Studies

With inquiries into the interventions and intersections of the bodily senses hitting their stride in current academic discourse, it seems only right that a dedicated website like Sensory Studies [www.sensorystudies.org] is rapidly finding purchase online. Managed by the Concordia Sensoria Research Team (of Concordia University) in collaboration with members of the University of Copenhagen, the website promises to become a valuable resource for scholars working in the area(s) of the sensory, as long as the wide thematic ambit does not dissuade visitors:
"Sensory Studies arises at the conjuncture (and within) the fields of anthropology • sociology • design • history • geography • performance • philosophy • literature • art history • film • phenomenology • aesthetics • architecture • urbanism • disability • communications"
The information within has been ordered into nine sections including: "Books of Note" listing texts engaging directly with the subject by publication year; a "Sound Gallery" containing a variety of sound recordings updated every six weeks; a selection of free-access articles exploring "Sensorial Investigations"; and a constantly updated calendar of events. The "Of Related Interest" section of Sensory Studies is particularly useful, providing a series of links to centres, labs, institutes, groups, individuals, and many other resources which involve what can loosely be described as revolving around or investigating the senses.

For those engaging with these themes, Sensory Studies appears to be a space of reference to watch, both now and in the future.

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