2 July 2013

Conference: Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution, 6 September 2013, Edinburgh

With labels such as "austerity" and "service delivery" currently dogging university institution across the globe, a carefully considered and critical approach to the pedagogical seems simultaneously urgent and shunted aside. The symposium "Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution", scheduled for Edinburgh on 6 September of this year, draws our gaze back to the strategies of the educator in a climate of neoliberal change and investigates how critical pedagogical practices can be recognised, reworked and lived in and beyond the academy.

The event features two keynote lectures from Heidi Safia Mirza (University of London) and Joyce Canaan (Birmingham City University) as well as what will likely prove to be an excellent roundtable involving six discussants (listed here) reflecting on "numerous issues surrounding antiracism, intersectionality, education and social change".
"In the context of changing institutions as well as public life, issues of equality, diversity and inclusiveness in the classroom become more and more imperative. Critical pedagogy is conceptualised as an inherently crossdisciplinary praxis, encouraging and fostering discussion and development around issues of equality and diversity."
The call for papers for this symposium has closed but registration is still open. Those in the area the day before may also like to attend a "warm-up" workshop scheduled for the afternoon of 5 September. More information, including a provisional programme, can be found on their website.

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