7 September 2011

BiM Recordings: New Recordings by Anne Graefer, Anna Chromik, Alison Crockford and Samantha Walton

Apologies for the month-long absence from the BiM blog. Unfortunately, unforeseen technical setbacks have prevented updates for this period.

We are happy to break this drought by offering four new archived presentations, available at your listening leisure from the Conference Recordings page or from the player to the right. These additional panel presentations are: Anne Graefer's "Queering Skin: Re-reading Sexuality through the Skin of Online Representations in dlisted.com" from panel 2B, Skin Schematics; Anna Chromik's "Pulsating Motility: Corporeal Tropes in the Constructions of Pre-subjectivity" from panel 4A, Figural Images; Alison Crockford's "Sex in Stasis, Bodies in Becoming: The Monstrous Body and the Eroticisation of the Scientific Gaze" from panel 4C, Transforming Bodies and Minds; and Samantha Walton's "The 'Self' at the Mercy of the Mind and Body in Interwar Crime Fiction", also from panel 4C.

We thank everyone for their patience. We would also like to encourage any presenters who have not yet responded to our request to archive their presentations to let us know whether we can as soon as possibe.

N.B. If you are experiencing trouble with viewing some tracks in the small music player, please try clearing your browser cookies, as this may prevent additional material from being displayed.

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