12 September 2011

Conference: Sensualising Deformity: Communication and Construction of Monstrous Embodiment, Edinburgh, 15-16 June 2012

The "Sensualising Deformity: Communication and Construction of Monstrous Embodiment" conference has recently been scheduled for 15-16 June of next year at the University of Edinburgh. This extremely exciting event features two already-confirmed plenary speakers, teratologist and object-oriented ontology theorist Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (George Washington University) and academic in horror cinema Peter Hutchings (Northumbria University).

Targeted at reinserting the senses and the sensuous into discussion of the monstrous and/or deformed body from the early modern period to the mid-twentieth century, the conference is divided into three strands: Sensed Diagnostics, Conceptualised/Sexualised Monstrosity, and (De)-forming and Aesthetics. The call for papers deadline is set at 31 January 2012.
"This two-day interdisciplinary conference aims to bring the senses and the sensuous back to the monstrous or deformed body, and to explore the questions, anxieties, and denials which surround deformity when it is located within a continuum of sense."
The conference blog itself features its own steadily growing cabinet of digital curiosities including links (so far) to music, articles and images, and is geared to providing links to "all things related to the conference themes, be they articles, seminars, exhibitions, websites, films, or general miscellanea".

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