20 November 2013

Conference: Accelerationism: A Symposium on Tendencies in Capitalism, 14 December, Berlin

"Though encaged within cognitive capitalism, we call for an epistemic acceleration. The symposium convenes to refresh the cartography of the keywords employed in the last centuries to describe economy and the political response to it: development, progress, growth, accumulation, peak, degrowth, revolution, speculation, entropy, singularity, sustainability and so on. Today it is time to anticipate and accelerate, for sure, time for anastrophism and not catastrophism."

With the publication of Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams' #Accelerate Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics kicking up a Twitter storm halfway through this year (and with international beauty brand Aesop marking the arrival of their seasonal gift kits branded "A Futurist Assembly" with a new interpretation of the Futurists' manifesto), who could resist this compelling call to arms announced on the site for Accelerationism: A Symposium on Tendencies in Capitalism?

The event, which takes place in Berlin on 14 December of this year, features a host of names familiar to conversations on accelerationism - Ray Brassier, Josephine Berry Slater, Benjamin Noys, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Srnicek and Williams. Participation is free for those able to attend but the conference organisers require an RSVP via Facebook. With almost 300 registered, Accelerationism is bound to be a highly populated event.

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