23 January 2014

Conference & Exhibition: London Conference in Critical Thought 2014, 27-8 June, London / Simon Fugiwara, Rebekkah (Display), 29 January - 28 March, London

It's been a bit of a hectic, crazy end of year, signalled by a disappearance of updates for over a whopping two months. Having settled down a little now, Ky is happy to report that we're back in action (hopefully) and mean to bring you more constant updates of all things to do with corporeality, movement and theory in the coming 2014 year. For our watermark first post for 2014, the Bodies in Movement crowd happily present a couple of conference and art-related treasures.
It's time again for the London Conference in Critical Thought for 2014, taking place this time at Goldsmiths, University of London. In its reliable fashion, the LCCT has aligned its stream areas to topics identified as carrying particular currency in the contemporary climate of critical theoretical engagement. The political and legal seem prominent this year, along with various strains of critical pedagogy. A full stream listing can be found on their website.
Stream proposals are now closed, but their call for papers stays open for submissions until 10 March 2014. Participation is completely free, which offers a nice incentive, but registration is mandatory.
http://www.contemporaryartsociety.org/event/displays-simon-fujiwara/Also in London, 59 Central Street Displays run by the Contemporary Art Society will feature Simon Fujiwara's Rebekkah, featuring 100 terracotta female soldiers modelled after a 16 year old girl from Hackney (predictably named Rebekkah) who was arrested for her participation in the 2011 London Riots. Rebekkah is the material product of a social experiment involving Rebekkah and Fujiwara, of which more can be read here. 
"Up to 100 figures were created in [an] assembly line technique, shifting Rebekkah to a new position: a representative of a new breed of British-born warrior and a soldier for social change."
Fujiwara will be at the Contemporary Art Society at 7pm on 30 January to talk about his piece. The event is sold out but they are accepting names to their waiting list. Further information can be found here.

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