Event Recordings

Bodies in Movement Seminar Series: Catherine Malabou (21 January 2013)

The recordings can also be streamed on the player at the right of the screen.

The organisers would like to apologise for graininess in some of these recordings. We thank listeners for their patience and understanding

Michael O'Rourke, Introduction to Catherine Malabou [11:29]       |  DL

Catherine Malabou, The Epigeneses of Reason [1:01:12]       | DL

Q&A with Catherine Malabou [34:34]       | DL

Responses by Jean-Paul Martinon and Tommy Lynch, and discussion [1:01:59]       | DL

Responses by Eszter Timar, Beth Lord and Liam Jones, and discussion [1:26:01]       | DL

Bodies in Movement Conference Recordings (28-29 May 2011)

The recordings can also be streamed on the player at the right of the screen. 

Some recordings may benefit from the presenters' powerpoint presentations. Unfortunately, we cannot provide them at this blog; we encourage anybody interested in obtaining accompanying media to contact the presenters directly.


Panel 1A: Flesh Things 

1. Xavier Aldana Reyes. 'Snuff' is Enough: Corporeal Liminality in Contemporary Horror. [18:33]   

    Panel 1B: Fleshing Out Theory

    2. Peta Hinton. The Quantum Dance and the World’s ‘Extraordinary Liveliness’: Refiguring Corporeal Ethics in Karan Barad’s Agential Realism. [22:04]   
    3. Sue Hawksley. Bodytext: Speech, Script, (Re)action, Iteration. An Enactive Inquiry into Embodiment and Language. [25:44]   

      Panel 2B: Skin Schematics

      4. Rosemary Deller. Getting to the Meat(iness) of the Matter: The Dynamic Decay of Jana Sterbak’s Flesh Dress of an Albino Anorexic (1987). [18:40]     
      5. Anne Graefer. Queering Skin: Re-reading Sexuality through the Skin of Online Representations in dlisted.com. [18:07]     

      DAY TWO

      Keynote Lecture by Olga Taxidou

      6. The Bacchae and the Theatricality of Cruelty. [42:50]     
      7. Response by Karin Sellberg. [11:14]   

      Keynote Lecture by Michael O’Rourke  

      8. The Divivacities of Cixous and Derrida. [42:01]     
      9. Response by Kamillea Aghtan. [08:40]   

        Panel 4A: Figural Images

        10. Anna Chromik. Pulsating Motility: Corporeal Tropes in the Constructions of Pre-subjectivity. [26:53]   

        Panel 4C: Transforming Bodies and Minds

        11. Alison N. Crockford. Sex in Stasis, Bodies in Becoming: The Monstrous Body and the Eroticisation of the Scientific Gaze. [20:05]   
        12. Samantha Walton. The 'Self' at the Mercy of Mind and Body in Interwar Crime Fiction. [21:43]