25 March 2011

Blog: Centre for Medical Humanities Blog

Durham University's Centre for Medical Humanities Blog has been going strong for over half a year now with postings which address developments in the burgeoning field of the medical humanities, including introductions to the research conducted by members of the Centre, relevant calls for papers, reviews, updates on interesting events and opinion pieces.

The blog is aimed at complementing the University's current research initiative which explores the relationship between medicine and broader social ideas of "health, well-being and flourishing" through diverse networks of interdisciplinary collaborations. Its programme of resesearch diverges into five identified research clusters: Imagination and Creativity; Practice and Practitioner; Mind/Body/Affect; Transfigurings; and Policy, Politics and the Collective. The Centre defines their titular pursuit:

"‘medical humanities’ isn’t the name of a further humanities discipline, but is simply the name of a field of enquiry. ... The disciplines actually involved in it are familiar humanities and social sciences disciplines, having in common both an interest in individual experience (which in this context means individuals’ experiences of health, illness, disability, diagnosis, treatment and care), and a recognition that subjective experience can be a legitimate source of knowledge."
Events of particular interest include an upcoming presentation given by Sara Ahmed on 11 May entitled "A Willfulness Archive" at Durham University. Further details for the night may be found here.

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