25 October 2011

Conference: "Spectres", UCD & TCD Philosophy and Literature Postgraduate Conference, Dublin, 21 January 2012

In the shadows of the corporeal and the various articulations of the body is the possibility of its haunting, its spectrality and bodily imperceptibility. In 2012, University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin are jointly organising a postgraduate conference which addresses these themes within the ambit of philosophy and literature.

Held at the Institute for Integration Studies at the Trinity, the conference organisers have just released their call for all papers spectral in theme, including (but not limited to):

"1. The Gothic
2. Twentieth century philosophical approaches to the concept of spectrality 
3. The spectres of cultural memory and identity in peripheral literatures"
The call for papers closes on 14 November 2011. While this is an open postgraduate conference, some preference may be given to students enrolled at UCD and TCD depending on the quantity of applicants.

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