15 November 2011

Exhibition: Report (Not Announcement) (Online)

After some minor techincal difficulties, Ky is back once again on the BIM blog to showcase Report (Not Announcement), the 2006 project curated by Binna Choi, the current CASCO Office of Art, Design and Theory, and provided by the electronic flux corporation (e-flux) and basis voor actuele kunst (BAK).

Comprised of a series of thirty-nine pdfs, the reports gather together photographs, diagrams and various forms of text created by forty-eight "cultural producers" in continuous states of travel and fluid displacement. Disjointed ruminations share space with short anecdotes, amusing images rub shoulders with more or less self-indulgent fragments of recorded thoughts, and slightly confused narratives accompany obscure textual non sequiturs. 

Setting these downloadable reports one after another like a line of alphabetically-branded train carriages on a scrolling frame, In both form and content, Report (Not Announced) is unanchored. It hoards ambiguous positions, seeking subjects in non-specific localities, collecting the productions of such people while they move between their own creative productions, and quietly commenting on the illogical excesses and intensities of travelling somehow between the places they want to/need to/should be.
"... It is no longer a marketing faux pas to show death and dismemberment while you are belted in to your seat, staring, because as you may have realized, YOU ARE NOT REALLY HERE, NOT REALLY YOU."
Martha Rosler, "Addendum"
From: the air to or from Europe 
Find this project where it is hosted on the BAK website, where readers are encouraged to download, print and share the contributions.

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