25 January 2012

Exhibitions: "ANOMALIA", 18 February - 18 May 2012, University Art Gallery, UCSD; & Emily Young, "The Metaphysics of Stone", 7-28 February 2012, London

The University Art Gallery at the University of California, San Diego is set to open its doors and unleash the new exhibition "ANOMALIA" curated by Lucía Sanromán on 18 February 2012.

Featuring the artworks of four international artists: Berlin/Mexico-based sound and light installation artist Erick Meyenberg; the prolific and well-established contemporary artist Charles Gaines currently based at the California Institute of the Arts; and the Mexican duo of Erick Beltrán and Jorge Satorre, the team whose most recent work "Modelling Standard" brought comically entangled and historiographically perverse pictorial narratives to the walls of various European galleries. The current project of these artists, "ANOMALIA" explores the unspoken interstices of the sciences and the arts by "closely investigating diagrammatic and systematic forms of representation that reveal the constructed nature of both art and science and their mutual investment in the notion of the sublime".

If you happen to be on the other side of the Atlantic, you might have the opportunity to view Emily Young's new exhibition of sculptures, "The Metaphysics of Stone" taking place at Berkeley Square in London from 7 February to 25 April 2012.

Peeling away the many surfaces of stone in her carvings, and playing a delicate hide-and-seek game of textures, Young's work appeals as much to the sensual urges of tactility as it does to the occular gravity that might be inspired by rock. Six of these painstakingly carved stone heads will be on display in the Square.

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