19 May 2012

Workshop: Scent & Sensibility: The Neuroscience of Fragrance, London, 1 June

Open registration is currently available for the workshop "Scent and Sensibility: The Neuroscience of Fragrance", which takes place on 1 June in London. Held by the Institute of Philosophy Centre for Study of the Senses at the School of Advanced Studies (University of London), the day-long event begins with a program of lectures on olfaction from various science and cross-disciplinary research bases, followed by a somewhat mysterious Perfume event. Attendees can probably expect a fairly rigorous crash-course in the science of smell, along with exploration of its various crossmodal possibilities. Standard registration costs £30, with a discounted cost of £10 for "staff and students of all philosophy".

This offering by the Centre for Study of the Senses is part of a fairly extensive list of events, which includes a series of seminars entitled the "Perception, Senses and Action Forum" (taking place in London throughout May and June).

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