13 August 2012

Exhibition: "Superhuman", 19 July - 16 October, Wellcome Collection, London

The collection of curios at the Wellcome Trust (self-coined as "a free destination for the incurably curoius") organises around the theme of "Superhuman" until October of this year. Designed to overlap with the furor of the London Olympics and its celebration of engineered, amplified and sculpted athletic bodies, "Superhuman" explores the limits of corporeality through the interventions of technology, prosthetics and medicine.

Metalosis Meligna, 2006 by Floris Kaayk

Enhancements take centre stage in the Wellcome Collection's exhibition, which encompasses myth, ancient history, the comic genre, medical objects, the work of contemporary artists and more to structure its panoptic investigation. Various events are also part of the Collection's itinerary, including poetry and performance afternoons (entitled "We Are All a Cyborg"), a chance to fondle some synthetically fashioned body parts, and a symposium on "Human Limits" (28-29 September) at which will be screened one of the first films to depict space travel alongside panels of academic speakers from multiple disciplines.
"Glasses, lipstick, false teeth, the contraceptive pill and even your mobile phone - we take for granted how commonplace human enhancements are. From Icarus to i-Limbs, ‘Superhuman’, which opens at Wellcome Collection today, explores the extraordinary ways people have sought to improve, adapt and enhance their body’s performance."

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