21 May 2013

Conference & Exhibition: On Walking, 28-29 June 2013, Sunderland

At the end of June of this year, the University of Sunderland's Walking, Art, Landskip and Knowledge (W.A.L.K.) research group and the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (Sunderland) feature the multidisciplinary conference "On Walking". Following the momentum of a surge of academic and artistic interest in walking as a practice within the last decade, the two-day conference "seeks to examine and interrogate the practice and process of walking in all its cultural, ethnographic, poetic, and geographical ramifications." Timothy Ingold will bring his work on walking, ecology and perception to the floor as featured kenote at the conference, and a joint exhibition will take place at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, entitled "Walk On: From Richard Long to Janet Cardiff, 40 Years of Art Walking". The call for papers is unfortunately closed for this conference; registration details for all attendees will be posted to the conference blog shortly.
The exhibition, which presents works that "start with an artist taking a journey on foot, staking out new artistic territory – whether using the street as their studio, or the landscape as a place to inhabit and change through their presence, rather than merely represent at a distance", opens in June, coinciding with the Festival of the North East. It displays the works of artists such as Marina Abramovic, Chris Drury, James Hugonin, Ingrid Pollard and others, and will also feature curator and artists talks/walks throughout the exhibition period.

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