23 October 2013

Conference: Luce Irigaray Circle Conference: Topologies of Sexual Difference, Melbourne 10-12 December 2014

Model and image by Steven Stahlberg
After a prolonged absence, Ky is back (with profuse apologies) to present the recently announced Luce Irigaray Circle Conference: Topologies of Sexual Difference. Taking place (perhaps quite aptly) in Antipodean Melbourne over three days from 10-12 December 2014, the conference seems particularly positioned so as to engage with Irigaray's work in relation to growing academic interest in posthumanism, new materialisms, sensory studies and critical geographies.
"In order to think and to experience sexual difference, Irigaray suggests that the Western tradition's conception of space and time could be reconsidered. There are at least three senses of topologies we seek to address: as the places in which bodies are and become, as ideal spaces of conceptualization, and as the designation of specific contexts."
Confirmed keynotes include American-based scholars Elizabeth Grosz and Pheng Cheah, with further keynotes to be announced at a later date. The conference intends to embrace a diverse variety of humanities-based disciplines and will include an exhibition of visual art.

Organisers are currently seeking abstracts and exhibition proposals. As an extra incentive for current PhD candidates or recent graduates, the Irigaray Circle is also sponsoring the 6th annual Karen Burke Memorial Prize for the best submitted paper. More information and email contacts can be found at the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy.

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