31 May 2011

A Conference Postscript

All the conference organisers would like to extend a resounding thank you to all the attendees of the Bodies in Movement conference. Due to your outstanding support and participation, the event was made thoroughly momentous. The presentations were inspiring and the company was exquisite. We hope you had as brilliant a time as we did during the weekend.

We are currently editing the sound files we recorded from the conference panels. Please be assured that we do not plan to post these online or distribute these to others without the presenters' explicit permission. If you would like to listen to any of these, please contact the organisers and/or the speaker(s). Sadly, due to technical difficulties we were unable to record the panels from bracket 3 (A. Virtual Ontologies; B. In-between Stasis and Motion; C. Rethinking Victorian Embodiment). We apologise profusely to the speakers and those participants who may have missed out due to these unfortunate recording hitches.

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