26 May 2011

Performance: Palæophonics, 27 May 2011

Anyone loitering in Edinburgh tomorrow, Friday 27 May 2011, may have the opportunity to attend the multimedia, multi-sensorial and multi-disciplinary event, Palæophonics, which will be held in the George Square Theatre at the University of Edinburgh from 7pm. Exploring the ways in which we engage with sounds and they, in turn, engage with us, the 170 minute concert will feature various original projects by artists and academics all engaging with the elements of sound and human history.
"Palaeophonics is a live multimedia performance event which will take you on a journey backwards through time, exploring ways we have created and used sound and music since our early human origins. It brings together eight new collaborative works by composers, film-makers and archaeologists from across Europe and the Americas at the first concert of its kind..."
Palæophonics is the brainchild of producer and director Farès Moussa and director Paul Keene, both from the University of Edinburgh. The event includes a host of experimental visual and soundscapes from around the world in the form of live performances, film projection and installation. Tickets for the concert are selling at a standard price of £10.50 or a discounted student price of £5.

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